A Love Letter to Germany

Dear Germany,

I love you. It was exhilarating to step off the plane in Munich and be back in your midst. Even with awkward fumbling for the train ticket and being “that girl” with the huge pack squeezed onto the S-Bahn, nothing could take away the excitement I feel at coming home. And right now, jetlagged and a little bit lonely in the hostel, I am thinking about all the adventures I’ve had and all the adventures to come… I am wondering about choices I’ve made—do I really want to go to another country alone? I forgot about new-kid-syndrome. I forgot about the slightly overwhelmed feeling coupled with that strange prickle of tears beneath the surface.

No matter what happens, I’ve got you. It was such a beautiful afternoon wandering around Munich taking in all the things I love about you.

I love the smell that permeates the train station and the streets. The fresh breads, Doner kebabs, and savory pizzas with glistening pepperoni and cheese. The cool atmosphere as summer settles into fall and everyone walks from work to school to the store with a purpose. The sounds of bicycles klingel-ing and people murmuring pleasantries into their Handys.

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 015

The pedestrian zones. Streets for walking only, no cars, no bikes, just go.

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 016

Cafes where people pause and enjoy Kaffee und Kuchen. And German coffee just somehow smells better.

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 014

Interesting uses of the English language and American symbols. I actually prefer “USA Nails”—staffed with chattering Asian women just like in the US!

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 018

Bicycles. I love that you use them for transportation. There is no thought to calories burned, speed, mileage, just getting from place to place in the crisp fall air.

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 013

The fruit stands that dot the pedestrian way—and the shops that serve particular purposes: cheese, meat, bread.

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 019

Thick, delicious bratwurst…

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 017

…and juicy nectarines ;-).

Munich Day 1 & some leftover NJ stuff 020

and that long-awaited happy ending. Apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice) and a pretzel bread sandwich.

It’s gonna be a good month.  


About Heather

I'm a literature-loving adventurer.
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